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A Fresh Web Design is a full service web design, development and SEO company with its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. We offer:


  • Website design  including template designs, customized template web design, fully custom websites and responsive web designs for full tablet and mobile browser functionality.
  • Programming for the internet - our sites are built correctly the first time, with easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS), fun and functional interactive applications, and/or e-commerce online shopping carts.
  • SEO / Internet Marketing services: including affordable on and off-page optimization priced to fit your budget.  From competitive analysis and keyword selection to content development / distribution and pay-per-click campaigns we are a full service search engine optimization company.
  • Logo Design / Graphic Design: high end graphic design services for traditional business marketing collateral such as brochures, banners & direct mail.


A Fresh Web Design St. Louis is your one-stop shop for website and marketing materials!


St. Louis Website Design in the 21st Century

Web or website design is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Gone are the days where fuzzy graphics or textured backgrounds were seen as acceptable online business fronts. Today, customers judge your business’s credibility based on the appearance of your website’s design (and, yes, they want you to have a website!).  Your site needs to be professional and provide a logical flow of information. The site’s message needs to be concise and easy to understand. Web savvy consumers expect to have your phone number visible above the fold on all pages; they want high quality images, staff bios, detailed product information, links to reputable organizations, positive online reviews and, increasingly, social media links - like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Pinterest. That means you need a designer who knows how to incorporate all of that information on your site in an organized, visually appealing fashion that puts you ahead of the competition.


In today’s online marketplace, a designer also needs to understand conversion funnels or how to drive customers through your site in a way that monetizes their visit.  These funnels should allow the customer to act on “auto pilot” while navigating the site and provide easy to find answers to any questions that may arise along the way.  This ensures that they are not overtaxed by the time that an actual purchase decision is to be made.  Your website’s designer needs to take into account how much information a human can process instantaneously without losing interest or creating confusion and, balance that with all of the consumers expectations.  Having all of that information and still be able to create a visually appealing portal is what separates the mediocre design from a high converting, effective website.  This is why it is more important than ever to ensure that the St. Louis web design company you hire has the experience & expertise needed to get the job done right. We know that in a city the size of St. Louis business owners have a plethora of web design companies to choose from and we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service around.


In the last seventeen years in business, we have seen thousands of websites and we know what potential customers are looking for when they land on your page. We also know what you - the business owner - needs to be successful online. Our designs are geared to drive consumers through your conversion funnel in the fewest number of steps using proven techniques. This means your website is designed to build your business and build the local economy. We ensure that each website has the proper software or applications installed so you can view your website's progress. Analytics data not shows the value your site brings to your business but also enables you to see how it can be improved. When it comes to design, each element of your website is carefully thought out – from the placement of your “calls to action” to the ease of finding the specific information that a customer seeks. Careful planning leads to effective websites and planning is what we are all about.


Open Source Coding and Content Management Systems

Business owners want websites that can be managed in-house with limited training. CMS’s or Content Management Systems provide that capability.  Open source platforms like Drupal provide well designed templates with easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS).  These templates can be programmed or customized to fit almost any business need in far less time than the average custom programmed site.  The “backend” of the website allows small business owner to edit their sites easily & efficiently whenever they add a new product, begin providing a new service or institute price changes. These systems are designed to help small business owners managed budgets by allowing content to be developed and deployed in-house thereby saving the expense of professional copywriters and other professionals.  CMS systems also help ensure that information is posted “hot off the press” without the delays that sometimes occur when third parties are involved.  A Fresh Web Design has a dedicated group of open source programmers that can have a site up and running in far less time, with more features and far fewer errors than a hand coded site. As an A Fresh Web Design customer you are given direct access to a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you succeed online.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Of course, having a website that is well designed is only the first step. Once a site is up and running it also needs to show up in searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.


The process of ensuring that a site shows up in relevant internet queries is known as Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short). Optimizing a site requires an understanding of your competition, a grip on how search engines index data and a consciousness of what consumers need.  A good SEO professional will have the ability to write quality, useful content for your visitors, monitor your site analytics, fix site errors, manage social media and PPC campaigns and keep a finger on the pulse of your audience.  They will also stay on top of the ever changing requirements of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines as they arise. 


Too often business owners are led to believe their site is nothing but an online billboard.  That is not the case; people search the internet for information not advertisements.  If your site can provide them with answers to their questions and solutions to their problems you will get their business.  If you provide reliable and dependable products or services you will gain their respect and their reviews.  These reviews will lead to even more business. 


If your website is not an advertisement, why advertise it?

Pay-per-click, or PPC, campaigns have a place in every internet marketing strategy.  Although the site itself is meant to be an informative vehicle, all the information can get lost without proper placement for key terms.  If your site depth is lacking or your keywords are too competitive a PPC campaign allows your business to compete with bigger, more established organizations for those key terms.


PPC campaigns are used for visibility building, brand building and remarketing your business to consumers at various stages of the buying cycle.  They work when they are given the appropriate budget and oversight. 


Our search engine optimization professionals have proven track records of not only getting sites off the ground but of generating consistently higher returns for e-Commerce sites and helping small businesses and institutions build their brands. We use approved “white hat” techniques and pure grit and determination to give you the highest possible value for your investment in our SEO services.


The importance of social media and other forms of online marketing


PPC campaigns, email marketing, social media development and other forms of off-page web marketing are designed to work in synch with other in house marketing endeavors as well as with the website itself. For instance, Google AdWords determines keyword pricing based on what it known as a "quality score" (as well as other factors). This score depends on the relevancy of the web page "tags", content and the website's popularity. Improving quality scores can significantly reduce a business owners cost for PPC campaigns, allow better penetration and better ad visibility. Talk to us to find out more about maximizing your online marketing budget.


Logo Design - St Louis

The design of your logo is probably one of the most exciting events in starting (or re-branding) your business or institution. Business logos need to be eye catching, memorable and should convey something about what you do ( ex: cupcakes for bakeries or legal icons for law firms). Color selection, graphics and even gradients play an important role. Before sitting down with a graphic designer, you should know exactly where the logo will be used. Will it be exclusively online? Will you need a logo on your print materials? What about T-shirts, pens and other types of business advertising collateral? This is important as some graphics techniques will not work in certain situations. For logos that will be used for print you will need to see your logo in both black on white and white on black to ensure that none of the information is lost during this transition and that the branding integrity remains intact when color is removed. Here again, having an experienced designer is essential to establishing the correct look and feel for your brand.


Graphic Design - St. Louis

In terms of traditional print – A Fresh also offers graphic design services. Our high resolution graphic designs can be used for business cards, rack cards, letterheads, promo materials and other printed business collateral.


Call A Fresh today and see what we can do to help your business - 314-482-8200.



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