10 Reasons Not to Hire That Kid to Handle your St. Louis Web Design

Do you consider yourself not very "tech savvy" and are thinking about hiring "that kid" to handle your St. Louis Web Design? If so, don't do it! While there are a number of reasons why this is a bad idea, but we'll highlight the top 10 reasons why you want to refrain from doing something like this.

1.  Quality is lower

Let's get the biggest reason out of the way first. Many of the local or amateur web designers out there don't know exactly what they are doing. They may have a basic grasp of what's going on, but they are more about learning how to accomplish things than providing you with quality results. Your website is going to have to make a great first impression, and failing to do that can prevent visitors from ever coming back. You need to make sure that you wow them from the first time they visit your site.

2. They can abandon you at the drop of a hat

When you hire someone that you know personally, it's much harder to get them to stick to what they are supposed to do. Maybe they have something else come up or realize the order is too tall for them. There are many instances where websites just don't get completed because  the project is abandoned. These designers have the highest failure rates because they aren't prepared for the task at hand.

3. Communication can be a headache

Let's say that you discover something on your site that's preventing you from accessing it. Maybe there's a message that you want to change or update. When you hire someone on the side to handle your site, it's much harder to communicate with them. Whether you are trying to physically reach them or just want to communicate your ideas to them, you'll struggle a lot more than with a web designer that understands what you need and can be contacted during any time of the day.

4. False promises

Many of the amateur web designers promise to get you good results or more views, but too many of them promise things. You'll realize far too late that what they were telling you and what they are actually providing are drastically different. Don't get the short end of the stick and buy into all of the big promises that people can give you. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

5. The metrics have changed

Even if someone was a talented designer a few years ago, so much has changed that it won't be the case anymore. Google has altered how they search for quality pages, and your website might be flagged because of the tactics that the designer uses. This could lead to less traffic and even penalties, so stick with a designer that is up-to-date and knows all of the most current demands of the industry.

6. More difficult to update

Even if your page gets made, you might want to update it in the months or years to come. When this happens, you might discover that your designer has left the area or that you can't contact them any longer. When you work with a design team, you can rest assured that you can always go back to them if you ever feel the need to update your site. Plus, you'll get faster results if the people that initially built your site are handling the update of it as well.

7. Inconsistent schedules

Chances are pretty good that the person you are considering designing your website is a college student. Perhaps they work a full-time job and design on the side. Regardless of what they do, it will be much harder to keep a consistent schedule with them. Whether you need the page done by a certain deadline or want to reach them to ask how things are going, you'll find it very difficult to keep in touch with these designers.

8. You can't hold them to their word

If your designer doesn't deliver on their promise, what can you do? They are probably not contractually obligated to actually deliver anything, meaning that you are the one that is left high and dry in the end. All that you will get is frustration and headaches when this happens. When you work with an actual design team, you know that they are in a contract with you and that you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

9. Lack of Originality

If someone is still starting out in the industry, chances are pretty good that they don't have the creative flexibility to provide something unique and interesting. Even worse, your site might be penalized for copying another site. Whether you were not aware of this or not, you could end up having to pay a fee or altering your site so that it's original. It's a big risk to take, and something that you don't want resting on your mind.

10. The customer-centric approach   

Finally, web design teams are not only good at what they do, but good with customers as well. Many companies strive to provide excellent customer service. They don't design on the side to make money, it's what they do to remain competitive in the industry. With the right web design team supporting you, you'll have the quality results you need with the service that you deserve.

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