3 Key Facts that Every St. Louis Web Designer Should Be Aware Of

Are You are St. Louis Web Designer? Make Sure to Cover These 3 Key Points!

It's not easy being a St. Louis web designer, but that doesn't mean it has to be impossible. Even though the demands of the market can shift from one day to the next, there are certain aspects of the industry that remain crucial. The following are 3 very important points that all designers should keep in mind, regardless of how long you've been working in the field.

1. Words Matter

When you're creating a website, you might get caught up in creating a fancy design or adding some really beautiful images to make the site pop. Even though that can be important, you also need to remember that your words are what matter the most. If your site doesn't have a strong message, no skilled designer will be able to help you. Visitors notice your website because of what you have to offer, not because of the flashy images and videos you have.

2. Keep It Simple

Along with the content issue, you need to know when to put the brakes on your web design. Simplicity is absolutely crucial for web design. It can also be the most challenging aspect because it's not easy making everything look effortless behind the scenes. Lower your load times and don't test the patience of your visitors. Having too many graphics to load can slow down your site and most people won't stick around to see what's going on if you make them wait any longer than 3 seconds.

3. Be Responsive

Lastly, listen to what your visitors are asking for. It can be hard to take criticism when you've spent countless hours designing a website, but there are certain elements that won't be apparent to you until you have a fresh set of eyes look at them. See what your visitors are asking for the most and determine the best way to make that a reality. If you just shrug off the suggestions you get, you'll lose your audience because they feel like they don't matter.

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