Why you should avoid 'big box' web design companies

Having a good website is absolutely essential to every kind of business these days, and it's only going to become more necessary. So who do you hire? You're nephew's girlfriend's brother's best friend? Oh boy.

Or do you go the other direction? That big company web design company with the commercials on TV offering the entire world of web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for $50 a month. (Do it yourself web design - another great idea. More on that in another article). Full site, links, SEO, everything for $50 a month. $50? Really? 

On top of that, do you have the TIME to do this?

If you don't do it yourself, then you get to work with one of the guys at the big box web design company. 

Let me tell you why 'big box' web design doesn't work:

There have been a number of big website design companies over the years that have come and gone. The problem is that they have large overhead - a large number of employees and a big rent payment to make. They have to drive large profits in order to survive. This means shoving some guy into a cubicle and forcing him to work on two hundred websites at the same time. There is no way he can give you the customer service you deserve.

Taking the time to focus on each individual website is essential to a good design, ease of navigation and overall site performance. You need individuals who will address each individual aspect of your website (design, development, navigation, programming, SEO) with TLC.

While our offices are centered here in St. Louis, we have staff all across the US. Everyone of us works remotely out of our houses. This keeps costs are low and efficiency is high. You also get the added benefit of having people who all specialize in their individual fields and have the time to address your individual needs. On top of that, we all actually like what we do and are available a lot more often than the 'designer' who would work on your site at the big box company. 

In the long run, $50 per month turns into $600 per year. Multiply that by the number of years you expect to keep your site and you see why they make this offer. 

This also gets you something that you're going to have to take the time to build yourself, and good luck with support. In reality, it probably won't be built correctly regardless. 

Let a good web design company build your site correctly the first time so you're not simply re-doing your site in a year from now. 

A Fresh Web Design St Louis offers a fresh solution to your website needs.  Getting a quote is easy.  Find out why A Fresh is the first choice in Web Design for St. Louis business owners today.

- Rich

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