Why You Should Hire a Local Web Designer. Or not!


Where in the world is your web designer? Unless his name is Waldo, do you need really to know where he is? Is he in your town? Is it important? Probably not as important as you may think.

Currently, about 75% of our clients are local, and part of why we were chosen by these companies is because we are a local Web Designer here in St. Louis. I think that's great! (Seriously, I do)! But the truth is that you simply need a web design company that does what they say that they are going to do. This is the biggest part of having a good web design company: completing the work, and completing it correctly.

There really isn't anything to web design that can't be handled remotely. Most of the communication is done via email, and this is the way it needs to be for tracking purposes. All training (when necessary) can be done through remote screen control with applications like Teamviewer or Join.me. This will also save you time and travel costs - even if you were local!

If we come up on a search in Memphis, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Nashville, Cincinnati or any other city, is there a reason not to use us? I say nay nay! Good site design, construction and customer service are always what you need to look for - no matter where you are!

However there are several differences between what the word "local" can mean.  When your income is derived from your web site and you are in the middle of upgrading or a complete re design in order to promote your products or services, having a web designer located in the same country that you reside can really make a huge difference.   Let me explain.

Many website owners have choosen to take their needs oversea's because of the percieved cost savings.  Those site owners who lived to tell the tale will agree that when or if their project where completed, they ended up spending a substaintial amount of money over the orginial quote, the projects took months longer than promised and the over all experience was hectic and frustrating.   Along with the issues that arrive from the varied time zones and language barriers, as a business located in the United States, you have zero recourse in the event that the project is never finished.  The international banking laws can and do create a attitude of indifference for firms overseas who understand that there is nothing you can do to get your deposit returned if your project is delayed or simply never completed.  

There are vaild reasons to work with a domestic web designer, if you have a project that you'd like to speak about, let's discuss your goals and create a solution to your needs. 

A Fresh Web Design St Louis offers a fresh solution to your website needs.  Getting a quote is easy.  Find out why A Fresh is the first choice in Web Design for St. Louis business owners today.

- Rich

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