Congratulations to Zahner and Associates on the launch of their new website

Zahner Home Page, A Fresh Web Design, St. Louis

Thank you - and congratulations to Zahner and Associates, Inc. on the launch of their new website ( The site just launched a few weeks ago, and already we're getting positive feedback from potential new clients - so you know I had to blog about it! :-) I really like this design (of course, I had a hand in it, so...) As you can see, really good photos help to make a really good site, so we like to use a client's reserve of them as much as we can. Also featuring what our clients specialize in on the Javascript animation, describing in text - along with images - is the best way to draw in visitors and provide information quickly - which is exactly what Google wants now. This site also features a blog-type portfolio, which can save costs on a tight budget. 

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