Drupal or WordPress? Either one! (Just not Joomla!)

Ok, we've been going around-and-around with the 'which is the better CMS platform for years', and now I say: "who cares!" Ok - not really 'who cares', but when it comes downt to it, if you have a website developer that really know what they're doing, it probably won't matter that much. The thing is, both WordPress and Drupal have their advantages, and depending on which web company you're talking to, they will either tell you that one or the other is better, depending on what their company offers. Realistically, though, it's not that much of a stretch from one to the other. 

Up until about five years ago, there was no good solution - no truly usuable platform for CMS. This is why you have so many custom solutions floating around out there: we had to build whatever we could from scratch. Recently though, A Fresh Web Design St. Louis has worked on both Drupal and WordPress websites, and can handle either platform quite easily. 

Quickly and simply - what would we recommend? This is going to depend on the type of site you want.

Blog site?
WordPress was MADE for blogs.

Shopping Cart?
Drupal. The modules are better.

What do more developers use?
WordPress - because you don't need to be AS experienced of a programmer to use it. This can lead to other problems down the road though*.

*Are you EVER going to do anything more complex?
Use Drupal. It's the one that more-higly skilled programmers use.

Easy to update?
That one's a little tougher. WordPress is better for you if you know a bit about it. If you want something really simple, our simple version of Drupal is easier to use.

A Fresh is one of the best Drupal deveiopers in St. Louis, and our WordPress skills are a match for any company out there. Whether you want Drupal or WordPress, let A Fresh Web Design St. Louis build your site with CMS - however you like it. 

(Just not with Joomla... :-)

- Rich

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