A Fresh redesign of EyeWearHaus.com website

Eye Wear Haus Website Redesign, A Fresh Web Design St. Louis

One of our most loyal clients who we've worked with for quite a while is Mike with Eye Wear Haus (eyewearhaus.com). Over the summer we redesigned and relaunched his site, bringing it into the 21st century of website design. A Fresh added Responsive Web Design, and new CMS features, but as you can see, the most stunning feature is his home page, with striking, artistic imagery in his Javascript animation, pop-out specials, and scrolling logo feature. Mike's site also features 'single screen' design, where the entire home page scrolls to pertenent information as opposed to changing pages. This is becoming a norm in web design, due to the fact that Google can track a visitor's ease-of-use. The single screen feature shown on the EyeWearHaus.com website gets visitors to the information that they need, quickly and easily. Thanks again to Mike at EyeWearHaus for deciding to work with A Fresh Web Design St. Louis!

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