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A Fresh Web Design St. Louis wants to keep you on top of current trends in the web design world. And now there's a new catch phrase in web design: 'responsive design'.

What it means is that a new website, if build 'responsively' will 'flex' with whatever device you're on, or whatever screen size you're viewing your website with. So instead of a site that is based on exact pixels in exact locations, your design can 'flow' to optimize for your screen - whether it's larger or smaller - picking specific items to display (if needed) based on your specifications. Not only will it conform to screen sizes, but the web design will actually move and replace items depending on prioriy. This means that a full, desktop monitor will display an entire site, while a mobile browser for a tablet will display some of the site, and a streamlined navigation, and a cell phone will display very little, maybe only the navigtion and a picture. While this might not completely take the place of custom mobile browsers, it will save those web design headaches of having your site look really bad on different devices and screen sizes. 

While some flexibility with web design has been available in the past, none have been as functional as responsive design. Responsive design is also becoming universally adapted to functions under different platforms, working it's way into becoming native on the newest versions of CMS systems and available with many new templates. Regardless, we see the responsive web design trend continuing to the point where it is web standard, and we're stearing most of our new sites in this direction.

A Fresh Web Design St. Louis specializes in responsive design, and all types of web-related functionality for websites for St. Louis businesses. We not only design sites, but program Content Management Systems, Shopping Carts for ecommerce, and work with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for higher visibility. Give us a call today, or start a quote online! 314-482-8200, ext. 125. Ask for me!

- by Rich Rohrbach

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