What's new in SEO? Everything!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a brand new and exciting thing for St. Louis Web Design. Things have changed in this field because of the fact that so many factors are different now. Previously, people simply needed to have the right keywords on their site to bring in new visitors. Over the years, the internet has expanded and evolved, and what worked before isn't very effective anymore. There are millions of pages out there on the internet, and thousands of them are focusing on the same areas that you are. In order to stand out, you need to know about the new, and improved, SEO techniques.

Different Algorithms

One of the main areas where there have been drastic changes is with the search engines themselves. Google is one of the most powerful engines out there, and it frequently updates and changes how the algorithm works to ensure that results are accurate and genuine. Each and every time these changes are put into place, web designers and content writers must take a moment to evaluate everything that has been created to determine is changes are necessary. Most of the time, your site will be fine if it contains natural and frequent posts. Loading keywords up (whether they are accurate or not) will actually penalize you and keep you from being noticed on the internet. If you aren't aware of what you need to do, you can actually be hurting your website more than you are helping it. Whether you are trying to build an audience or have more customers come to your site, you need to have the right strategy in place to succeed. 

Page Raking Matters

Very few people actually look at search results past the 4th or 5th page, and that's being generous. You have a very small window to stand out in, and every tactic will get you one step closer to the top. There is no guaranteed way to be in the top spot every time, as Google and other search engines keep parts of their algorithms a secret to keep everyone honest. This is why it's impossible to promise a specific spot online, but it is possible to be close to the top. Whether you are a small site or a large company, the proper St. Louis web design will ensure you get the SEO results that you need to succeed.

Let A Fresh Web Design Help You Stand Out

A Fresh Web Design has the experience and staff to ensure that you get the results you want. From the creation of the site to the management of the content, nothing will be unaccounted for. Don't leave the future of your website to chance. Contact A Fresh Web Design for any of your St. Louis web design needs. 

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